2022 Property Lease Bid:


Central Weber Sewer Improvement District is accepting bids for the lease of five parcels of property. The parcels are in the vicinity of the wastewater treatment plant located at 2618 West Pioneer Road and range from approximately 2.4 to 48.6 acres. Sealed bid amounts shall identify the Parcel Number and a yearly lease bid amount for a lease period of five years beginning September 15, 2022. Bids will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. on June 1, 2022 at the District Office, 2618 West Pioneer Road, Ogden, Utah 84404.  

2022 Phase II Bioreactor Expansion Project Bids:

Central Weber Sewer Improvement District is accepting contractor bids for the construction of the Phase 2 Bioreactor Expansion Project.  Only bids from prequalified contractors will be accepted.

Due to website file size limitations, bid documents cannot be accessed here.  Bidding requirements and documents must be requested from Ryan Bench at Carollo Engineers, Inc. by calling (801) 233-2500.

2022 Electrical VFD Replacement Request for Proposals:

Central Weber Sewer Improvement District (CWSID) invites interested and qualified
firms to submit proposals for furnishing, delivering, and commissioning of equipment for the
CWSID VFD Replacement Project. Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, transportation,
tools, supplies, onsite services, and appurtenances for satisfactory completion of all work.

Request for Proposal requirements and documents may be found at the link below.

2022 Hooper Rehabilitation Project - Phase II Contractor Prequalification:

Notice is hereby given that the Central Weber Sewer Improvement District has determined that all contractors providing UV CIPP on CWSID Hooper Pipeline Rehabilitation Project – Phase II must be prequalified prior to bidding. Bids will not be accepted from contractors that have not prequalified.


Prequalification application documents may be found at the link below.


The following contractors have been previously prequalified by CWSID as part of Phase I and are not required to submit an application to prequalify on this project:

• C&L Water Solution, Inc.
• Michels Pipe Services
• Whitaker Construction Company, Inc.

Biosolids Disposal Notice:

Central Weber Sewer Improvement District produces biosolids suitable for land application or composting.   The District is interested in meeting with land appliers or composting operations.  Interested parties, please review the attached notice and contact the District if interested.